TuxIC: Open Source software and hardware projects

Since 2001, TuxIC offers help with Linux system administration, developing web apps and hosting for NGO's, political action groups and small businesses.

TuxIC works almost exclusively with Free and Open Source software. And we try to share our experience with others through workshops and courses.

  • Hosting: TuxIC hosts about 200 websites.

  • Managed virtual servers: TuxIC offers Debian Virtual Servers with "embedded administration". Our customers include Kennisland and Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid.

  • Secure Cloud solutions: Office facilities for NGO's securely hosted online.

  • Design of network infrastructure: TuxIC builds temporary infrastructure for festivals, events and political action camps. But also more permanent infrastructure, like the network in the buildings of Urban Resort in Amsterdam.

TuxIC started in ASCII Internetwerkplaats in Amsterdam.

Recent projects

  • Open Source CNC: Project to build a complete CNC milling machine for ZB45 in Amsterdam from scratch (mostly recycled materials).

  • LaOS Laser: project to turn existing (cheap) laser cutters into useful machines by adding Open Source Software and our own driver-card.

  • ZB45: Makerspace in Amsterdam, which hosts Open Source hardware and software development projects and workshops.

  • Fab Lab Truck: mobile workspace with 3D-printers, laser cutters and other machines that make.